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Tax Return Preparation Options

On Taxpert, you can prepare your taxes on your own - Do-IT-Yourself - with as needed assistance of a Taxpert® via your own Personal Support Page. Ask or discuss any tax question and you will get an answer from a real human Taxpert® and not some artificial robotic voice. All of your support history will be on your Personal Support Page and not scattered through many emails where you have to go searching for the answer.

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With Taxpert Teamwork, you register an account and hire a Taxpert® who not only guide you through the tax preparation process, but also review and discuss the end results of your tax returns. You might wonder if you are qualified to claim a dependent on your return, why a certain form is required, or why you are receiving a large tax refund this year. Most tax refunds are the result of too much tax withholding by taxpayers based on Form W-4. Do not give your hard-earned money to the IRS each month in the form of tax withholding only to get it back as a tax refund a year later. A Taxpert® can assist you with your W-4 or tax planning.


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Tax Preparation À La Carte

Do It Yourself: DIY

Prepare and e-file your tax returns by yourself or Do It Yourself. You will find the exact same tax return preparation service ranges you can find on TurboTax® or H&R Block® without the confusing price games, constant upgrade requests, and lack of downgrade options. Filing taxes on your own is as easy as following simple step-by-step instructions.

Do It Yourself is straight forward: You enter your data and the tax app will do the heavy lifting or tax calculations for you.

  • You start for free and the tax app will auto down- or upgrade you based on the forms you need. We will never pester you to upgrade!

It's à la carte, you add or remove tax forms and the price will go up or down. It's that simple! This will guarantee you the best possible price while obtaining the right tax forms. You do not need to make complicated or tricky tax service preparation service selections.

Before you checkout or pay anything, you will see the lowest possible price based on the tax data you entered. We are the only vendor who auto downgrades based on the tax services needed. Details

No credit card is needed if you are getting a tax refund. During checkout, you can choose 'e-Collect' as your payment method to have your fees deducted from your refund.

$0 - $39


Taxes can be complicated and intimidating. If Doing Taxes Yourself is not your thing, then Taxpert is for you. Create a free account and enter your personal information before you work with a Taxpert® on your tax return. Not sure where to enter an income form or who qualifies as a dependent? Let a Taxpert® guide you!

  • Tax Return and Tax Amendment Preparatioin
  • Get your tax returns reviewed by a Taxpert®.
  • Discuss your tax payment plan options with a Taxpert® before you file or pay taxes.
  • Was your dependent claimed by another Taxpayer? Not sure how to respond to a notice, letter from the IRS?

Form W-4: Need assistance with Form W-4 or Federal Tax withholding? The From W-4 determines your per paycheck tax withholding amount. Work with a Taxpert on your W-4 so you get to keep more of your money now.

  • Custom pricing based on your tax service needs.
  • Post your tax question for a price quote from a Taxpert.
  • Become Tax Wise! 

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Tax Calculators and Tools

Estimate Your 2022 Taxes:
Tax Refund or Taxes Owed.

Tax Calculator

When Would Your Tax Refund
Be Sent to Your Bank
If You e-Filed Today?

Tax Refund Date

Check the Status of Your 
IRS and State Tax Refund.

Where Is My Refund?

Free Tax Calculators and Tools;
Direct Answers to
Your Direct Questions.

10 Easy Tax Tools

Earned Income Tax Credit:
How Much Will It Be?
Find Out Now!

EITC Calculator

Do You Need to File?
Determine Your Requirements.

Do You Need to File?

Estimate Your Child Tax Credit
for Your 2022 Return.

CTC Calculator

See Who May Qualify a
Dependent on Your Tax Return.

Claim a Dependent

Calculate Your Tax Rate
or Income Tax Brackets.

What Is Your Tax Rate?

Form W-4 Tax Withholding Tools

Create, Sign, and Share Your W-4.

Basic - Fill Out a Form W-4

Fine Tune Your W-4 Throughout the Tax Year.

Adjust Your Form W-4

Create A W-4 Based on Your Tax Return Goals.

Pro W-4 Tax Return

See Your Per Paycheck Tax Withholding Amount.

Paycheck W-4 Tool

Meet Your Tax Return Goals and Take Control of Your Tax Withholding.

W-4 Form Taxometer

Learn More about W-4 Tax Withholding and How it Affects Your Tax Return.

W-4 Calculators

Tax Preparation Overview, Comparison


Tax returns take teamwork; with your Taxpert Account, enter your data online and let our tax app do the calculations. If you need live assistance, contact a Taxpert®. Choose for:

  1. Self-Preparation, Teamwork, or Both!
  2. Tax App Calculations
  3. Live Human Assistance.

For some, tax returns are an annual routine; for others, they're an annual challenge. Taxpert lets you prepare and e-file your tax returns by yourself or you can do it with the help of a Taxpert®. In the end, it should be Less Taxing for You!

Top 10 Reasons Why to Choose

Taxpert Teamwork

Compare Tax Preparation

Just like all apples are not created equally, not all online tax preparation services are created equally either.

Taxes can be confusing, overwhelming, and even intimidating - but selecting an online tax preparation service shouldn't be. Compare vs. H&R Block® vs. TurboTax®.

So many choices, so little time. Once you have reviewed the comparisons, the choice is easy! - It's Less Taxing

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